This project was done for the YCN Student Awards 2018/2019 and won a commendation award.
An installation that brings students into a hostel-like experience to encourage social interaction & travelling through games and activities around the installation.
The entrance will have a “lobby” with someone explaining the exhibition.

“This is One Room by Hostelworld, an exhibition connecting people together and inspiring people to travel the world through hostels and discover the world’s hidden gems. Inside there’s a hostel-themed room and different games you can play with each other and complete strangers, there will also be leaflets and information about travelling and its benefits.”

People will go in, check out activities take a challenge, listen to music and meet new people. All inspired by HostelWorld.
Just like the “Chinese” fortune cookie, This is an activity for those who don’t know where to go next with a little “HostelWorld” remix. Focused on the brand, this small game will give the player a random action to do, a challenge or task, in a scenario, country etc. [e.g. Dress up and participate in one of the biggest clown festivals in Europe. Location: Odesa, Ukraine]. After having a chosen challenge you can share it via social media, use the #meettheworld and see if others also want to join you in your journey.
Inside the installation there will be a window which at first glance is a normal window, however, it’s, in fact, an LED Touchscreen where it will ask you the question “Enjoy a challenge?” and you can answer yes or no. If you answer yes it will give you a random task that will make interacting with others around you. if you choose no it will keep trying to convince you to give ago and try something new. You will be encouraged to complete these tasks as it will unlock certain rewards within the installation as well as you can make some new friends this way
> Dress up and participate in one of the biggest clown 
festivals in Europe. Location: Odesa, Ukraine.
> Visit France in Vietnam. Location Ba Na Hills, Vietnam.
> Take a dip in the icy waters of Finland.
> Cliff Jump off Palawan island in the Philippines.
> Volcano trekking around Haleakala, Hawaii.
> Mountain trekking around northern Norway’s mountains.
> Cave Dive in Mexico’s Riviera Maya
> Participate in the Ice Marathon, Antarctica.
> Participate in the Rickshaw Run.
> Bungee jump over Nevis in New Zealand.
> Sandboard down the dunes of the Moroccan Sahara.
> Participate in Holi in India.
> Participate in the “Cascamorras” in Spain.
> Live the Carnivale the Italian way in Venice, Italy.
> Dress like a Viking in the “Up Helly Aa Fire Festival” in Scotland.
> Celebrate Oktoberfest the real way in Munich, Germany.
> Throw a tomato in the Spanish “La Tomatina” festival.
> Participate in “dia delos Muertos” in Mexico.
> Participate in the “Songkran water festival” in Thailand.
> Attend the legendary Burning Man Festival in the USA.
> Get a tattoo by a Buddhist monk in Thailand, and don’t forget to get blessed as well.
> Sail across the Atlantic. Hug a Koala Bear in Australia.
> Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
> Try “Bia Hoi” in Saigon, Vietnam.
> Touch Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.
> Climb Mount Fuji.
> Trek the Inca Trail in Machu Picchu, Peru.
> Experience a full moon party in Thailand.
> Touch a real iceberg.
> Make new friends (through hostels and travelling). Join the Carnival in Rio
> Go Zorbing.
Inside the installation, there’s a “bar” area where there will be someone giving out snacks and drinks and the way they pay is with tokens.
When you enter the installation you’re given a token together with the leaflets about HostelWorld. With this token, you can trade it for a snack and a drink inside. [undecided] If you want more tokens there is a token machine inside where you can buy more tokens.
> Sweden - Cinnamon Bun
> Portugal - Custard tart
> Argentina - Alfajores
> Mexico - Tamales
> Poland - Pierogi
> Egypt - Halawa
> UK - Digestive biscuits [just kidding]
> Music
> Cards Against Humanity
> Ping-Pong
> Table Football

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